Correspondent banks

Otkritie bank is in the TOP-10 largest Russian banks.

Interbank business of Otkritie Bank is based on partnership with Russian and foreign correspondent banks.


  • JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, New York, USA
  • Citibank NA, New York, USA
  • Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, New York, USA
  • The Bank of NewYork Mellon, New York, USA


  • Citibank, London GB
  • BNY Mellon ,London, GB


  • Raiffeisen Bank International AG, Vienna, Austria


  • Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • COMMERZBANK AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany


  • Credit Suisse AG , Zurich, Switzerland


  • ING Belgium NV/SA, Brussels, Belgium


  • MUFG Bank, Ltd., Tokyo, Japan


  • Bank of China, Beijing Head Office, China
  • China Construction Bank, Beijing Head Office, China
  • Agricultural Bank of China, Shanghai Branch, China
  • Bank of Communications, Shanghai Head Office, China
  • Harbin Bank, Harbin, China


  • State Development Corporation VEB.RF, Moscow, Russia
  • VTB Bank (public joint-stock company), Moscow, Russia
  • Sberbank of Russia, Moscow, Russia
  • AO «ALFA-BANK», Moscow, Russia
  • JSC Russian Regional Development Bank, Moscow, Russia
  • Gazprombank (Joint-Stock Company), Moscow, Russia
  • Bank of China, Moscow, Russia
  • Bank ICBC(Joint-Stock Company), Moscow, Russia

Dear Clients!

Please note that starting from January 1, 2018, the Bank will accept only payment orders with IBAN (fixed length of 23 digits) for settlements in Israeli Shekels (ILS) and other currencies in favour of beneficiaries in Israel.

Starting from July 4, 2017 the Bank will accept only payment orders with IBAN (fixed length of 23 digits) for settlements in Belarusian rubles (BYN) and other currencies in favor of beneficiaries in the Republic of Belarus. Maintaining new accounts according to IBAN standards was approved by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, Resolution No. 440 dated July 27, 2015.
New details in Belarusian rubles valid from July 4, 2017: account No. BY72AKBB17020000012200000000 in BELARUSBANK, Minsk, Belarus, SWIFT- AKBBBY2X.

Otkritie Bank received the status of Indirect Particоверpant CIPS (new payment system of the People’s Republic of China) on 24/03/2016 through Bank of Communications, Shanghai, China (correspondent bank). The main advantage of joining the system is the status of an identifier in the CIPS system assigned to the SWIFT code of Otkritie Bank, which will allow us to route any incoming payment to our Bank, including payment orders with incomplete information (for example, only SWIFT BIC of Otkritie Bank). At the same time, joining CIPS will not entail rerouting to Bank of Communications, Shanghai, China, of the payments with full details indicating another Chinese correspondent bank of Otkritie Bank.

We’d like to draw the attention of our clients and counterparties to the fact that payments in US dollars will not be executed by the Bank, if at least one of the parties to the transaction (including an intermediary bank) is an individual or an organization on the sanctions list («Specially Designated Nationals» / SDN), published by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Treasury Department at:
This is due to the ban on such payments imposed by foreign correspondent banks, obliged to comply with the sanctions.

At the same time, please note that foreign correspondent banks also impose restrictions on any payments in US dollars, if at least one of the parties to the transaction (including an intermediary bank) is the resident of any of the following countries: North Korea, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Cuba. Therefore, the execution of such payments cannot be guaranteed by the Bank for reasons beyond its control.
JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, New York, USA charges a $ 16 fee on every credit to the accounts of its clients (receipt of funds to the accounts).

At the same time, crediting your account with Otkritie Bank is still free of charge.
Please consider this information for the relations with your partners.
Note: the specified fees policy of JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, New York does not apply to interbank transfers (SWIFT format 200 or 202).

Two other US correspondent banks of Otkritie Bank — BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON, NEW YORK, USA (SWIFT — IRVTUS3N) and CITIBANK NA, NEW YORK, USA (CITIUS33) — do not charge a fee for their incoming payments.