Otkritie Bank


ranks 1st among privately-owned banks
and 4th by assets among banking groups in Russia

Corporate Governance Framework

Otkritie Financial Corporation Bank’s corporate governance framework regulates the relations among its executive bodies, the Supervisory Board, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

Otkritie Financial Corporation Bank’s corporate governance aims at balancing efficient management of the Bank with shareholders’ interests and rights. The existing corporate governance structure assigns responsibilities and delegates general governance functions carried out by the General Shareholders’ Meeting and the Supervisory Board and routine management carried out by its executive bodies.

Risk Committee

The Risk Committee of the Supervisory Board evaluates Otkritie Financial Corporation Bank’s risk appetite, monitors key risk indicators and overall risk resilience, and adjusts risk management operations. The Committee keeps the Bank’s risk appetite under control by analysing and identifying risk tolerance for any given risk, reviewing credit and market exposure limits, and mapping the Group’s overall risk profile.

Members of the Risk Committee: