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  • Otkritie Bank ranks among the top 10 most convenient banks according to the Forbes
  • Otkritie Broker and Otkritie Asset Management — companies of Otkritie Investments factory — won the Stock Market Elite Awards organized by the National Association of Securities Market Participants in The Best Company in the Derivatives Market and The Best Trustee for Individual Investors categories
  • Otkritie Bank became the winner of 2019 FINAWARD, the financial sector award in innovations and achievements, in Loyalty Programme category for tutorial mobile application Open Aсademy for entrepreneurs
  • Otkritie Private Banking ranks among the best banks in Russia for high net worth individuals according to the Forbes
  • Otkritie Private Banking mobile application „Otkritie. Acceptance“ became the FINAWARD nominee in the Best Service and Fees Solution
  • Otkritie online bank ranked the second in 2020 Internet Banking Rank established by Markswebb analytics
  • Otkritie bank received grand prix of CDO/CDTO Award 2020 in the „Digital transformation of the year“ category
  • Otkritie bank received Visa Global Service Quality Performance Award in «The best performance by the number of approved business cards transactions» for the full-year performance efficiency and achievements in risk mitigation and anti-fraud areas
  • The implementation of a „Single front decision“, a new system of rendering services to retail customers, won ComNews Awards-2020 in „The Best Case of Digital Platform Implementation in a Retail Bank“ category
  • Otkritie bank became a winner of SPEAR’S Russia Wealth Management Awards 2020 as „The Best Bank for Corporate Customers in Russia“
  • Otkritie bank and Reksoft won „The Golden Lion“ National Bank Award in the „Management systems“ category for implementation of corporate architecture management system in the bank
  • Otkritie bank mobile app for iOS ranked the 5th in „The Best Digital Offices“ category of Markswebb Mobile Banking Rank 2020 (up by 10 notches as comparing with 2019); the bank’s app for Android ranked the 6th (up by 9 notches). In „The Best Mobile Banks for Daily Needs“ category Otkritie bank app for both iOS and Android held the 7th place (up by 9 notches)
  • The first virtual keyboard for smartphones in the Russian banking market created by Otkritie bank won the XIV RETAIL FINANCE AWARDS 2020 in „The Best Retail Financial Product“ category
  • The bank’s mobile app made the top 3 best applications in Russia short list in «Finances and business» category of 2020 Runet Rating