Bank Otkritie

Shareholders structure



Otkritie Bank is the largest private bank in Russia
and fourth in terms of assets among the Russian banking groups

Otkritie Bank’s major shareholder is Otkritie Holding that holds, directly and indirectly, 65.28% of the voting shares.

Otkritie Holding is beneficially owned by:

  • Vadim Belyaev
  • IFD Kapital Group
  • VTB Bank
  • IST Holding
  • Ruben Aganbegyan
  • Alexander Mamut
  • Lukoil-Garant Non-State Pension Fund
  • Minority shareholders


Shareholders of Otkritie Financial Corporation Bank Public Joint-Stock Company.

List of persons controlling or significantly influencing the Bank. Interconnections between the Bank and the persons controlling or significantly influencing it.